Title: The Little Things in Life, 2017

Physical Dimension: 4 feet X 6 feet
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

A few years ago, I painted this piece when I was struggling financially.

I titled it “The Little Things in Life” as I had to dig deep into my emotional reserves to find the strength to plow forward and not give up.

It was just to inspire myself to pick out and cherish little opportunities and wins.

In the earlier version, the brushstrokes that were messy seemed shaky and uncertain. There were no clear definitions nor good contrasts, as that truly depicted the life situation that I was in.

However, the colors were bright and cheerful, in a way to tell me to chest up and put out a strong front.

Fast forward to the year 2020, life turned around for the better and I revisited this painting and made improvements to it.

It now shows more solid definitions, higher contrasts, and clarity. This is a total reflection of my life as my new business starts to grow.

As for the little jewels that depict opportunities and wins, they will always be there for me to cherish forever.

Title: “The Little Things in Life”, 2017

The Little Things in Life, 2017
Digitized NFT + Hi-resolution image for Fine Art Prints
5/5 Limited Edition

The Little Things in Life, 2017

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