These little trinkets of my life,
Each with a story to tell,
Follow me on my journey,
Wander the world in which I dwell.
~ Alvin Koay

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Generative Art Collection

Title: "Bulat-Bulat"

1,100 single-edition NFTs in ERC721 standard with global commercial rights

Welcome, my friend.

My name is Alvin Koay and I want to invite you to peek into my universe.

Having lived a roller-coaster life, I have collected those little adventures along my path and displayed them in my artworks. Each of them is a small part of my soul that I want to share and each work is a tale in itself.

I taught myself to create art in 2017, during the worst struggles of my life and it started as a form of escapism.

Eventually, my works became the almost surreal images that I see in the theaters of my mind.

All the pieces that I make are internal visions from my memories, hopes, expectations, worries and identity.

These images intuitively flow onto the canvases through the brushes and colored paints. Each of the artworks encapsulates every drop of my being as they are expressed intuitively, without any planning whatsoever.

I would just be in the moment and be in the state of flow as I let loose onto the canvas. As the process of art making takes shape, the forms and objects start to emerge and intuitively I would know that
it is something that comes from deep within.

I can instantly relate the art to an episode in my life that bore very strong memories, emotions and state. I believe this is the true and unadulterated form of art and expression.

This is me, my art and my little life stories. Welcome to my world.


Title: "Animal Scribbles", 2021
Dimension: 3.5 feet X 3.5 feet
Medium: Acrylic in canvas


Gangster Monkey with 3rd Eye

Title: Gangster Monkey with 3rd Eye
Dimension: 24" X 20"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas