Picasso's Dinner, 2023

Physical Dimension: 3 feet X 4 feet
Medium: Acylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

My painting, ‘Picasso’s Dinner,’ is an intimate exploration of my deep fascination for Picasso.

More than just an admiration of his works, it’s an inquiry into his process, a peek into the mind of the genius. It’s an abstract interpretation of what Picasso might have dined on, a seemingly simple subject, but one that is riddled with my curiosity.

My unconscious mind may have used the meal as a metaphor for my curiosity about the artist’s genius mind. Through this painting, I dive into an aspect of Picasso’s life that is often overlooked, yet might reveal profound insights about the man behind the iconic works.

‘Picasso’s Dinner’ isn’t just about the meal on a plate; it’s a feast of questions, curiosities, and my personal quest to understand one of the greatest artists of our time.

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Picasso's Dinner, 2023

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