Deep Down Inside, 2021

Physical Dimension: 4 feet X 6 feet
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

I have many forms of imaginary escapism and one of them is an adventure in the deepest accesses of the ocean.

One night, I had a lucid dream where I was just floating like a slow, elegant jellyfish and I could see everything so crystal clear.

The dream had the most astonishing blue that I have ever encountered in my life and everything was so surreal.

All the friendly creatures were smiley, kind, and seemed absolutely empathetic to my life.

It was such a quiet and peaceful sojourn, one which I want to be immersed in for a long, long while.

Deep Down Inside, 2021
Digitized NFT + Hi-resolution image for Fine Art Prints
5/5 Limited Edition

Deep Down Inside, 2021

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