Whither NFTs? Two Malaysian artists and their perspectives (by BASKL)

The article was originally published in Bandar Aktiviti Seni Kuala Lumpur (BASKL) article.

The write up centres on the inspiration behind Alvin’s “Bulat-Bulat” series. Alvin’s upcoming project is what he calls generative art, where he uses an algorithm to pack as many circles as possible onto a canvas without overlapping.

img 1 Murgan Govindasamy

This series shows how NFT allows artists such as Koay, who started off with fine art, to branch out into alternative forms of art, fusing technology into the mix while still maintaining his creative spirit in the pieces.
Excerpt from Bandar Aktiviti Seni Kuala Lumpur (BASKL)

Alvin also said there will be a clause that allows NFT holders to monetise the pieces for up to US$100,000, after which they are required to share the profits with Koay and his team.

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