Top Malaysian NFT Artists 2022 (by Niftyzone)

The original article can be found on Niftyzone.

Alvin has a strong focus on the ownership of his artwork. He wants to make sure that the voices of the common people are heard by the leaders. Because of the immense popularity of NFTs right now, he sees this as a game changer for activists who do not want to give up on their artistic ventures.

Alvin turned to art during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rough socio-political situations at home caused immense amounts of stress and he turned to art as a way for him to express these frustrations. He makes use of abstract expressionism that rose to popularity after WW2 to vent his frustrations regarding his country’s political issues. His artworks are mostly from his own inspiration and his own interpretation of hypocritical political figures.
― Excerpt from Niftyzone

The article also mentions his first minted NFT art piece entitled “The Hypocrites” on OpenSea.

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