Malaysian artist creates NFT art after getting inspired by country’s politics (by Mashable)

The article was originally published in Mashable.

The write up centres on the inspiration behind Alvin’s “The Hypocrites” series. During the lockdown, Alvin was inspired to create art based on the political outlook and he followed his intuition.

The NFT boom presented an opportunity for Alvin who is an entrepreneur by trade to share his artwork in a new way.


“As I am a physical artist, I also wanted my works to be in the form of NFTs. Most of my best physical artworks are not for sale as I am the most ardent collector of my art. When the NFT boom started, I knew that I could have the best of both worlds by keeping my favorite physical works for myself and selling only the digital NFT versions.”
― Excerpt from Mashable

Alvin also speaks about the role of NFT in dissent and the opportunity that artists get to continue to earn royalty on their art even once it’s sold.

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