Splattering Insects on the Car Windscreen

  • Physical Dimension: 24 inches X 36 inches
  • Original medium: acrylic on canvas


Few months back, I saw a meme on social media that got me thinking.

It mentioned that these days, we don’t get that many insects splattering on the car windscreen while driving at night.

I guess it is caused by pollution and widespread deforestation 🙁

It totally brought me back to the times when my family would travel during the school holidays to another city where my relatives lived.

Dad would start driving on a Friday evening, after work, and our whole family will be crammed in the car, ready for our road trip.
During the night, we would see small insects like moths, beetles, etc hitting against the windscreen and my Dad would wipe them off with the car wipers.

I remember being less than 10 years old and would ponder why would these insects commit suicide so easily.

How sad and true this is as we don’t get these anymore while driving at night.

This painting uncannily reflects my nostalgia of those splattering insects. It is funny and sad at the same time..

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Splattering Insects on the Car Windscreen

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