Family Squabbles, 2023

Physical Dimension: 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

“Family Squabbles” is a deeply personal artwork that explores human nature and familial dynamics.

Set against a vibrant yellow backdrop symbolizing wealth, it confronts the pursuit of material riches. The painting delves into the conflicts and discord that arise within families over inheritances, contrasting the supposed token of love and legacy with the battle it creates.

Emotions of disappointment, anger, and sadness fueled the creation of this piece, revealing human frailties. While the bright background may initially attract, the artwork prompts reflection on materialistic obsessions that overshadow the bonds of love and kinship.

“Family Squabbles” serves as a narrative to inspire empathy and encourages a reevaluation of priorities, relationships, and the true value of wealth.

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Family Squabbles, 2023

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