Da Vinci's Time Machine, 2020

Physical Dimension: 36″ X 48″
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

I have always been fascinated by time machines.

One day, when I was a little boy, I saw Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of a flying machine in an encyclopedia and I thought that it could travel through time.

Since then, I would while away in daydreams, sailing through time in that rickety wooden craft.

The vision of the magical apparatus was etched in my mind from that young kid and it just manifested itself in this painting.

Somehow, the idea of gliding through time and space still bewilders me.

Only if I could slip back in time, on this machine to my care-free childhood.. only if, only if…

Da Vinci’s Time Machine, 2020
Digitized NFT + Hi-resolution image for Fine Art Prints
47/50 Limited Edition

Da Vinci's Time Machine, 2020

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