Title: Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020

Physical Dimension: 55cm X 75cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

My family did not really have many holidays together. The last we had was an adventure to a paradise island in Thailand called Ko Lipe.

That day, we were so excited to jump into the sea as it was our first time snorkeling. It was in the middle of the ocean and little did we know, there was a very strong current.

My children do not swim well so, it was a frightening moment for me as I saw them almost swept away. Luckily they managed to cling onto the safety rope.

In an instant, I took them out of the sea but before that, I could catch a glimpse of what was underneath.

As that afternoon was cloudy, the view down there was quite dark and scary. However, it was teeming with life!

I managed to take a mental shot of the scene where the molluscs, anemones, and conch were staring back at me.

It was indeed beautiful.

Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020
Digitized NFT + Hi-Resolution Image for Fine Art Prints
5/5 Limited Edition

Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020

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