Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020

Physical Dimension: 22 in X 30 in
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

“Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe” immortalizes a personal memory of a family holiday in Ko Lipe, Thailand.

The artwork captures the anticipation of a first snorkeling experience that took an unexpected turn.

Amidst the fear and chaos of a strong current, a fleeting yet beautiful underwater scene unfolded. The flourishing marine life of mollusks, anemones, and conch contrasts with the fear of the moment.

This painting captures the mix of fear and awe, representing an unforgettable memory and the discovery of unexpected beauty in a crisis.

Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020
Digitized NFT + Hi-Resolution Image for Fine Art Prints
5/5 Limited Edition

Corals and Conch in Ko Lipe, 2020

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