Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, 2021

Physical Dimension: 36″ X 48″
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

It was early 2021 and the Chinese Lunar New Year festivities are around the corner. This is the time where all the Chinese families will gather and celebrate in a big way.

However, this year is special. Everyone was under lockdown and no one could travel. We anticipated that we will not be able to visit even our parents and this was so sad.

So, hopefully, to cheer things up, I decided to paint a piece that can liven up the mood.

The Chinese believe that gold and red are the colors of prosperity, abundance, and luck. As all my works are from deep within my psyche, my version of abundance is animals, dance, nature, and freedom.

You can see that the objects in the work represent all that of me…

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, 2021
Digitized NFT + Hi-resolution image for Fine Art Prints
3/3 Limited Edition

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, 2021

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