Black Lives Matter, 2020

Physical Dimension: 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

In my artwork, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I echo the tragic outcry from a desperate figure in the midst of turmoil, reminiscent of the incident involving George Floyd.

His plea ‘I can’t breathe’ deeply affected me and thus found its way onto my canvas. Imprints of bullet holes and shattered glasses overlay the figure, signifying the heartbreaking violence and desperation. In the backdrop, vibrant hues represent city blocks, yet their beauty is overshadowed by the blurry turmoil unfolding at the forefront.

This painting, hence, stands as my personal reflection on this poignant episode, serving as a call to everyone to stand against such injustices.

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Black Lives Matter, 2020

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