Animal Scribbles, 2021

Physical Dimension: 42 in x 42 in
Medium: Acylic on canvas
Original artwork is not for sale

In my artwork, ‘Animal Scribbles,’ I captured the spirited essence of animals at play.

Their curiosity and liveliness are brimming over in a symphony of forms and colors. Inspired by a whimsical idea of a scene of animals joyously creating chaos, this painting springs from the amusing thought of having a house filled with animals each expressing its own unique personality.

From the hissing of a cat, the quacking of a duck, to the meowing of kittens, the painting reflects the diverse, playful energy that each animal brings. It’s a celebration of the wild, exuberant nature of these delightful creatures, captured in the abstract language of brush and paint.”

It is all a happy, wonderful and fun party!

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Animal Scribbles, 2021

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